Adrián Sarria: A Dentist Committed to Excellence and Innovation.

Adrián Sarria is a dentist who graduated from the Colombian Dental College with more than 15 years of experience in the oral health sector. He also has 9 more years of expertise specifically focused on aesthetic dentistry.

He considers himself a professional committed to searching until the last minute for the solution to all the personal and professional challenges that arise. He is avant-garde and a lover of all technological resources that allow him to better carry out his work. He firmly believes that quality, agility, attention, customer service, and added value are the best formulas for a winning differentiating factor.

Adrian also has an office located in Pacific Mall in the city of Cali, Colombia, where his team carries out dental aesthetic and oral health treatments of the highest quality for both national and international patients. They provide the latter with their most recent service, “Dental Tourism,” through their tourism agency, whose mission is for their patients to obtain the best travel experience while their dental treatment is carried out.

His greatest motivation is to provide happiness and greater self-esteem to all the people who visit them, improving their appearance through a spectacular smile. For many people, their smile is one of the most important aspects of their physical appearance and Adrian has a huge role to play in that.

Adrián is convinced that the biggest challenge when starting a business is consistency. For this reason, he considers it vitally important to permanently generate strategies that allow him to advance satisfactorily with constant growth and keep his mind focused on them, achieving the necessary motivation to overcome the obstacles that arise along the way.

“Mentality is very important for the consolidation of a business model because it is what allows you to envision and manage the prospective in the short, medium, and long term. Mindset allows you to program yourself neuro-linguistically to have a successful business model,” Adrian says.

His advice for those who want to start a business is to be consistent and turn their business into a life project. They should investigate the needs of the market, but above all, they should take into account the structuring factors that will make them remembered and preferred over any other business model. In his opinion, the factors with which he has managed to differentiate himself from the competition are:

1. Innovation and avant-garde, through the implementation of cutting-edge technology for the development of all the treatments that he carries out.

2. Added value: his service has the warmest attention fused with tourism plans that make the patients’ experience something worthy, magical, and memorable.

3. Agility, since the treatments are carried out in record time with impeccable quality because it has the prestigious dental prosthesis laboratory, Boxdental, as a strategic ally.

When asked how he wants his patients to remember him, he does not hesitate to respond:

“I am convinced that excellence goes hand in hand with results and compliance with the proposed objectives, which is why I would be proud if my patients called me the person who completely changed my life,” Adrian details. 

If you want to know more about his work, you can follow him on Instagram here or visit his website here.