Find out how HJ Collection is Connecting the World Through Their Powerful Business Ideas.

What do American investors have to do with a market based in the United Kingdom? For many of us, absolutely nothing, but for HJ Collection, it has everything to do with their new models for success in the world market and in their workplace. 

HJ Collection is a UK based nationwide developer with unmatched financial management and experience. This allows them to provide their clients with a service they can trust. In fact, HJ Collection works with different construction partners throughout the UK, which ensures the best opportunities in the UK property market.

Working in partnership with key property development partners for HJ Collection, they have established a leading reputation within the industry, having raised circa £80 Million for property developments over the past 6 years, fulfilling all returns to their network of High Net Worth and Sophisticated investors.

It’s more than just their strong business model that sets HJ Collection apart from other investment firms. It’s their financial management and set of experienced team members that has allowed them to establish a leading reputation within the industry. By forging relationships with quality contractors who share their business model and values, HJ Collection produces a service like no other. HJ Collection produces sustainable, efficient, and affordable living accommodation for all types of individuals. This allows for anyone to be able to invest and benefit from the returns of the UK property market.

In fact, HJ Collection, since making their leap to the U.S. markets, is working to raise money from American investors to use for their projects in the UK, paying double digit returns through their bond investment. The goal is to replicate the success they have had with UK and European investors by encouraging interest and investment in their business!

HJ Collection was created by business entrepreneur Reece Mennie. He has extensive knowledge of sourcing, developing, introducing and raising capital for lucrative property developments throughout the UK, as well as around the world. While the Covid-19 pandemic was a drawback for many businesses, Reece actually used this time to evaluate his existing business interest and develop new ways of giving back to the wider business community. 

“I’m always willing to learn to keep myself ahead. Unique is a very understated world for the last couple of years. Last year was like no other, and we have had to learn to adapt to the new way of living and working it has presented to us. Although it has been unprecedented and challenging, I have been lucky enough to have a great team around now, so we have met and overcome every difficulty and bit of adversity with confidence and professionalism,” shares Reece. 

As the year continues on, HJ Collection is hoping to continue their investment and development projects both in Europe and abroad as they attract new people to their ever growing business.  

Learn more about HJ Collection through their website. You can also find them on Instagram here