La Carnicería Meat Market Marked a Before and After in the Meat Industry in California: Jose Luis Ruiz Led the Charge With High Quality Products and Services

There are situations in life that place people out of their comfort zone, whether it is because they decided to change careers, look for a better job or even move to another city or country. The important thing to keep moving towards success is within each person, that is, the desire that each person has to emerge and move forward to achieve the best not only for them but also for their families.

Jose Luis Ruiz is one of those people with a desire to excel, and a determination that since he arrived in the city of Los Angeles in California at the age of 21, began to drive him to work like many migrants in the first available option.

With no experience but with a great desire to get ahead, he got a job in a butcher shop where he gradually acquired the necessary knowledge and advanced through the ranks until he became the manager of a butcher shop located in South Gate. As the years went by and after having saved enough money, he managed to buy the butcher shop he was in charge of and from then on, the rest is history.

Jose is currently the owner of La Carnicería Meat Market, a chain of butcher shops, focused solely on offering the best quality meat. Jose’s business is not like any other butcher shop.

The products we sell are the best in the world. We sell from USDA PRIME to American wagyu, from Australian wagyu to Japanese wagyu, and even kobe beef. We are the only butcher shop in Los Angeles that belongs to the Japanese Kobe beef association. This is a great privilege, since only some of the most prestigious and expensive restaurants belong to this association.” Jose Luis explains.

Jose Luis first was interested in owning his own butcher shop when he noticed the need for people to receive better service and products from butcher shops. This is what he keeps in mind now that he manages La Carnicería Meat Market.

The facilities and cleanliness were something that had to be improved and also the quality of meat they were getting. These being our company fundamentals: service, quality, and cleanliness. This was the key to the success of our business. I started my business when I felt I could do things better than the business owner was doing at the time, so I looked at the opportunity. I had no idea what we were going to become, I just knew it was a profitable business, and that if we made the improvements I saw, the numbers had to be even more positive.” Jose Luis shares.

The train of opportunity does not pass twice and that is why at all times people have to be alert and prepared for when opportunities knock at the door, that is something that Jose, has always had in mind.

Of course, when I was presented with the opportunity to compare the business, I was prepared, since I had saved for several years, and thanks to that I could take advantage of that opportunity. Without the savings, I would have been presented with the same opportunity but I would not be able to take advantage of it. That is why for me preparation is very important. I believe that for most people sooner or later a good opportunity presents itself. You have to be prepared and with your eyes wide open, so that this opportunity does not pass in front of you without seizing it.” Jose Luis advises.

With La Carnicería Meat Market, Jose Luis has marked a before and after in the industry. Before, there was very little information regarding meat grades and people were easily satisfied with what most butcher shops offered because they did not know there could be something better. 

“The situation is different now, most people today are better informed and demand a better quality product, and we are a little responsible for that situation.” He adds.

Jose Luis currently manages five locations of La Carnicería Meat Market, and in the near future will open three more locations with the plan of opening more butcher shops in other states of the nation.

In the future, besides growing the La Carnicería Meat Market chain, Jose Luis will also focus on learning and preparing himself, to become a better person and a better businessman.

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