Meet Robert Dominguez: The Attorney Behind The Founders Law, a Multi-Million Dollar Personal Injury Law Firm

Robert Dominguez is an attorney and the founding partner of The Founders Law, a multi-million dollar personal injury law firm. They handle all cases involving injuries: car accidents, wrongful death, medical malpractice, dog bites, slips, and falls.

We have settled over $50 million dollars for our clients and will go all the way to trial to get our clients what they deserve.” Robert says.

Robert is originally from Cuba and with a lot of dedication, effort, and perseverance he has carved a successful path for himself in the United States. He arrived like many other migrants, with his dreams and an immense desire to prosper. In his youth while still in Cuba he used to sell ice as a way to earn some money.

When Robert was studying at Florida International University, he worked as a real estate agent having under his charge more than 200 people. This experience would help him in his future as a lawyer since he had to deal with different types of people’s characters.

Robert has always wanted to be a business owner so once he passed the bar exam he opened his own law firm. But unfortunately, the legal profession sometimes enjoys a bad reputation.

This is due to professionals who practice law in an irresponsible manner where they view each client as a portion of money without taking the human aspects that matter. That is why among other things Robert was motivated to create his law firm.

I wanted to be the change and the difference, for people to say ‘They really had my back.’ I wanted people to be proud of who I was and to have their case handled correctly with maximum results.” Robert shares.

In a profession like law, one of the things to keep in mind is to have the right mindset for when difficult times come when you will put your character to the test and be able to show what you are made of.

You have to look beyond and focus on your dreams and goals and know that the only way to fail is to give up. You can’t have excuses. You can’t let your thoughts of failure or doubt consume you.” Robert states.

One of the obstacles Robert has been managing to overcome is the perspective people have on attorneys. Many of his clients have told him things like, “Wow, I never thought a lawyer was so straightforward and easy to talk to.”

It’s a shame we have such a bad reputation in South Florida and I’m doing everything I can to change that.” He adds.

At The Founders Law, the team of attorneys takes the human and personal aspects very seriously. They are there to talk to their clients, meet with them, and most importantly listen to them.

I think it’s important that our clients feel heard and valued because a lot of other firms don’t do that.” Robert comments.

Robert is a professional who always gives his 100%. He makes sure to know every case he handles down to the smallest detail and cares about his clients as if it were his own case.

It’s easy to hire a large national firm, but most of the time it’s a factory and you are literally a number in their system. One thing I’ve realized and clients tell me is that I fight to the penny and never ever back down.” Robert explains.

In relation to the work environment, The Founders Law stands out among others because of its wonderful client care and service. They care about their clients and the outcome of their work.

We work so our clients can achieve the best possible compensation in the most efficient manner. We listen to their needs, resolve their property damage issues and fight for every dollar on the table.” He says.

In the future, Robert wants to open offices of The Founders Law in Georgia and Texas. They are well on their way to doing so and hope to be operating in those states by 2023. If you would like to learn more about Robert and The Founders Law, click here.