From Construction To Investment Banking: The Story of the President of Caxxor, a Leading Infrastructure Company in Mexico

Carlos Ortiz is the Mexican entrepreneur who is the president of Caxxor, a company dedicated to the development of infrastructure and technologies, and is also part of the institutional investment firm National Standard Finance (NSF) in Latin America.

As an entrepreneur, Carlos’ passion is to create innovative and ecological infrastructures that allow the development and connectivity of people. He is also committed to promoting above all interests the preservation of the environment, and looking for new formulas so that economic development does not violate the ecosystems where infrastructure investments are established.

After studying Administration, International Trade, and Finance, Carlos began to venture into the construction market in Mexico, where he realized that the greatest challenge for the country’s development was to have the resources to invest in important and strategic infrastructure. 

This is how he approached the firm NSF in the United States, which is made up of institutional investors who invest in sovereign debt and infrastructure. Flash forward to today, Carlos is the president of NSF in Latin America.

With a sufficient understanding of how this market works, Carlos decided to transform his construction company into an infrastructure investment bank, Caxxor, which became one of the most important firms in the Mexican market. 

We focus on connectivity, services, and cutting-edge technology to offer innovative solutions to our customers and end users. We are pioneers in creating the most secure and efficient border between Mexico and the United States, allowing us to have a positive impact on the security and economy of the region,” Carlos states. 

Right now Caxxor  is developing the most innovative, efficient, challenging, environmentally friendly, and market-impacting logistics infrastructure project of our time, the TMEC Corridor.

At that moment, Carlos and his team realized that there were no developers available with a holistic vision that could integrate a family of infrastructure and facilities with different complementary vocations. It was then that they decided to relaunch Caxxor, this time not only as an investment banker but also as a developer, taking responsibility for the entire project.

Already as developers, we discovered that ports and other infrastructures could be much more friendly and efficient than they currently are, so we started to be an innovative company seeking to develop a new generation of logistics infrastructure with completely green ports and railroads,” says Carlos.

Carlos and the Caxxor team are inspired by helping people connect efficiently and safely, and ensuring they have the means to get their products to where they demand them, which is only possible with efficient and environmentally compatible infrastructures. 

That has motivated me to look for solutions in terms of infrastructure and commerce. They seem like everyday activities, but they are only possible and viable with efficient infrastructure.” Carlos shares, and add, “I have also been motivated by seeing that development of infrastructure is compatible with the environment. I have been able to see that it is possible and that this must permeate even more so that only infrastructure of this type continues to be promoted.”

When it comes to the future, Carlos would like to make Caxxor a public company or integrate it into a larger ecosystem, and expand to more countries and solve more connectivity problems in the world.

As far as the TMEC Corridor is concerned, that process has already started and is attracting the interest of more investors and fundamental groups globally, the TMEC Corridor is already in a league with the most prominent players in its sector in the world. 

Currently when I have time I am planning new projects, although they take time to take shape, it is like making a sculpture, sometimes projects, companies, ideas, take shape, sometimes you finish and you are not convinced and you start again“. 

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