Learn About The Lopez Family: A Family That Has Revolutionized Social Networks

Leduar Corrales Lopez, together with his partner Jose Orlando Turcios Martinez, manages an innovative business in the world of digital entertainment. Under the name of La Familia Lopez, this family has conquered and revolutionized social media with its unique and versatile content.

We started creating content on TikTok as a hobby while working as Uber drivers and doing Amazon Flex, but everything changed when we incorporated our children into our videos and changed the account name to @lafamilia_lopez. It was revolutionary,” says Leduar Corrales.

The Lopez Family is dedicated to creating content on various platforms, from TikTok to Instagram and Facebook. Their content covers diverse topics, from cooking recipes to dances, jokes, and family blogs. In addition, they have launched their line of products under the LFL (La Familia Lopez) brand, which includes gym clothing and kitchen utensils, with excellent public acceptance.

Our motivation for starting this business was our humorous and multifaceted personality, as well as our followers. We are inspired to be able to change the mood of someone who is going through a bad time,” shares Leduar.

One of the biggest challenges when starting a digital content business is overcoming the fear of judgment and maintaining consistency and perseverance. As Jose Orlando says: “It is important to dare to do it regardless of the negative opinion of others and to find new perspectives when something does not work as expected.

Mindset is key in this business. “You must be confident and not let negative comments affect you. Your mentality must be focused on your work, without paying attention to malicious people,” expresses Leduar.

For those just starting, La Familia Lopez offers simple but powerful advice: never give up and be authentic. “People will fall in love with your unique way of being,” emphasizes Jose Orlando.

Fear, for this family, is an impulse to break barriers and feel safer in what they do. “Fear is like that driving engine that turns doubt into determination,” comments Leduar.

Success for La Familia Lopez is not measured only in numbers, but in the positive impact they have on the lives of their followers. “Success is the acceptance of what we do and the positive change we generate in people,” says Jose Orlando.

The biggest obstacle they have faced has been homophobic hate, but they have learned to ignore it and focus on the positive. “We don’t believe in competition, only in originality and being ourselves,” emphasizes Leduar.

In addition to their success on social media, La Familia Lopez has participated in collaborations with major brands and has carried out solidarity actions, such as donating clothes and toys to children in need.

Aside from what La Familia Lopez does daily on social media, they have also been creators of dance trends that have gone very viral with songs such as Shakira’s song “Te Felicito”, where Shakira herself did a duet with them and performed their dance. 

They have also collaborated with Walmart, Amazon, Paramount Plus, and some record labels in creating trends (dances). Additionally, they have collaborated with other content creators to help and support those most in need, such as in 2022 when they donated clothes and toys for an operation for children in Mexico, and last year, in 2023, they organized their first event in their city, Omaha, Nebraska, where they donated toys to more than 250 children.

As for their future projects, they plan to continue growing as a family and expand their brand internationally. Their story is a powerful reminder that authenticity and perseverance can lead to success in the digital world.

Join La Familia Lopez for a dose of positivity and fun! Led by Leduar Corrales and Jose Orlando, this family is revolutionizing entertainment on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.