Meet Frida Bruhn: When She Hit Rock Bottom, She Found Coaching. Now, She Gives Back to Others in the Way that Coaching Gave Back to Her. Find Out More Below.

From mentee to mentor, Frida Bruhn went from getting coached at 17 to becoming a coach nearly 30 years later. When covid hit, Frida knew that people needed her help. She jumped in feet first to get trained and be able to provide the support that she received years ago.

“I came into contact with coaching and mentoring at 17 when the actress Uta Grabowski recognized my talent and encouraged me. At 21, I appreciated my acting coach Angela Roeders at that time. However, it wasn’t until nearly 30 years later that I realized what treasure she was giving me back then. After this, I have worked with many coaches. But I had not thought about becoming a Coach myself as I did not see my qualities as a leader until my life changed dramatically. I was following Jay Shetty early on FB, but in 2019 he finally really got me. I just went out of the women’s shelter, had hit rock bottom and knew I needed to change my life from the core for my six kids and myself,” Frida remarks.

Frida needed something to take her out of rock bottom. She was struggling at this time due to the relationship she was in and she was losing herself in the process. Coaching, not only for others but also for herself, was a way out. She knew that Jay and others could help her regain herself and be able to give back to other people at the same time.

“At this point, I had lost myself due to an extremely toxic relationship. I saw Jay doing kickboxing on a roof in LA on Facebook or Instagram. I knew I would do kickboxing as well. And I would become strong and would go to LA one day, as I ever wanted. So when the Jay Shetty Certification School opened doors, I jumped in as a founding member and was the first German graduate a couple of months later. I fell in love with the work, and since then, I have learned from many experts in the field of personal Development and Consciousness, such as Rich Litvin, Ryan Niemic, Georg Lolos, Joan Swart, Jim Britt, Melanie Tonia Evans, to name a few,” Frida details.

Frida’s coaching style focuses mostly on helping entrepreneurs become the best versions of themselves and overcoming unhelpful patterns that keep them from succeeding in the business world or getting to the next level in their personal life to experience more fulfillment. She does so by following very specific practices that help her identify what needs to be changed.

“As a coach, I focus on helping success-driven entrepreneurs overcome old patterns and blocks to create their most extraordinary lives. I have lots of creative tools I can use in my Business due to my previous career. Overall the most potent tool is active listening and asking powerful questions. People have a need to be seen and heard, really seen, really heard. In real life, people often listen to reply and tell their own stuff. Coaching makes a profound difference in the way you perceive the world. As soon as you start to listen genuinely, a whole new world opens up. Discovering the inner world to influence and create the outer world is fascinating, and witnessing the transformation of the people I work with is fantastic. It often feels like magic,” Frida explains.

In addition to active listening, Frida also focuses on changing your mindset and how that can positively impact your attitude and your business. In Frida’s years of experience, she has identified that we can’t change incoming thoughts that pop into our heads, but what we can control is a shift in our mentality.

“We cannot influence thoughts coming in, but we can control our minds to shift the direction. In order to do so we can make decisions if we want to become influenced by the ideas plopping up in our mind or getting back to who we are and move our thoughts to the bigger picture within. It is training a muscle like you are going to the gym. You need to learn from every mistake, every setback – and you need to know to let the negative thoughts around this go,” Frida says.

Frida is ready to share her secrets on a larger scale with the world, so she is releasing a book that will demonstrate some of the stuff that she teaches her students. For herself, she hopes to start traveling more and enjoying life with her family.

“I am waiting for the Book Launch of “Cracking the Rich Code (Vol 6)”, in which I wrote a chapter. In addition, I am working on 2 Book Projects, upcoming Group Programs, and Webinars and have a few very inspiring clients I work personally with.

As my long-term goal is building schools, I plan to travel with my kids around the Globe and visit schools I find inspiring,” Frida says.

To find out more about Frida, you can follow her on Instagram here and check out her website here.