CEO of Top Score Writing, Lisa Collum, Is on a Mission to Provide Educational Resources to Schools of All Budgets

Top Score Writing (TSW) is the one and only program dedicated to teaching students how to become effective writers. It is the number one curriculum company in the nation, providing a unique teaching system that achieves a 70% increase in scores on state writing assessments. Top Score Writing encompasses a comprehensive program that teaches expository, informative, opinion, and narrative writing. The program is focused on making learning fun and engaging, while building the necessary skills to achieve mastery. As such, it provides daily interactive lessons, modeling, guided and independent practice, activities, quizzes, tests, and homework.

Currently, Top Score Writing is on a mission to close the achievement gap and bring back the life skill of writing by donating $1M of writing curriculum and resources to schools through the TSW Grant Program. This grant program will allow schools to apply and let the team at Top Score Writing know what their needs are. Top Score will then offer heavily discounted products and services to meet the budget needs of all schools.

“We want to make sure every teacher at every school in every state has access to the Top Score Writing curriculum and resources,” says Lisa. 

While other companies include writing in their curriculum as a marginal add-on, Top Score Writing’s curriculum is designed to teach writing in a step-by-step system. They are able to simplify writing through incremental lessons that break down all the parts of an essay. This includes planning and strategizing, and using repetition and mastery techniques to build individual skills, culminating in putting those skills together to form complete essays. Through this approach, students are able to learn how to write in manageable blocks, each day reinforcing and building upon the next. 

Top Score Writing came about as a result of its founder’s experience as a teacher. Lisa Collum first started her teaching career 17 years ago at one of the lowest Title-1 “F” schools in her school district. Despite being at a low-performing school, Lisa came up with a curriculum that allowed for 100% of her students to pass the state writing test. Once she saw the difference her teaching style was creating, Lisa went on to create Top Score Writing in order to provide a simple way for teachers to teach writing and an easy way for students to learn writing. 

“We want to make sure the teachers have the tools and resources they need to teach writing. This is one of the MAIN problems. They are not teaching it because they don’t have the tools and resources. Top Score Writing gives them everything they need and more,” explains Lisa. 

Aside from their mission and grant program, the team at Top Score Writing wants to spread the word that there is a better and more effective way to teach writing. Top Score Writing’s curriculum is proven to help children learn important writing skills no matter their current level. With the many products and options available for both teachers and parents, including physical books, digital materials, and animated and teacher-taught video lessons, TSW has a resource for everyone out there. 

“We hope to get the message across that teaching writing isn’t something to be dreaded. Our goal is to provide a simple and comprehensive solution that meets the needs of every student, parent, teacher, and school system. From individual homes to entire school districts, we have an option to fit every situation and a product that works,” states Lisa. 

Learn more about Top Score Writing by visiting their website and following them on Instagram here. CEO of TSW, Lisa Collum, is also available on Instagram here