Meet Shilan Parham: A Trailblazer in Consulting Who is Transforming Businesses Worldwide

Shilan Parham leads Outliers Consulting Solutions, a consulting firm based in Charlotte, North Carolina, specialized in sales and marketing solutions. Outliers helps big businesses earn and keep good customers.

At Outliers Consulting Solutions, Shilan’s focus is on empowering businesses through strategic sales and marketing strategies. Outliers’ goal is to help their clients grow and give their team chances to do better. 

Outliers Consulting Services achieves this by teaching clients about leadership, using good systems, and making work fun. These skills help them do better than their clients expect.

This is so important that at Outliers Consulting Solutions, Shilan ensures that her own employees enjoy a stable and supportive work environment. They think that when the team is happy and growing, they do a great job for their clients.

My passion for leadership led me to create a platform where I can help others achieve their business goals,” Shilan emphasizes.

Shilan grew up in Iran with athlete parents and an entrepreneurial grandfather. She was motivated to start her own business by the desire for freedom and the opportunity to shape her destiny.

Growing up in Iran, with athlete parents and an entrepreneurial grandfather, competitiveness and innovation are in my blood. At first, I was inspired by the opportunity to sponsor individuals for visas through the sales and marketing industry.” Shilan explains, and adds, “Having my own firm allowed me to combine my passion for leadership with my entrepreneurial spirit.”

Shilan identifies finding and developing the right team as one of the biggest challenges in business. She says it is difficult to build a team that shares the same vision and values, which is necessary for sustainability and growth. 

Building a team that shares your vision and values is essential for sustainable growth,” she comments.

To overcome this and other challenges, Shilan believes that mindset is paramount. She argues that mindset determines success, and that having a resilient, perseverent and positive attitude is key. 

For aspiring entrepreneurs, Shilan’s advice is: “Embrace failure as a stepping stone to success. Reflect on your journey and stay true to your purpose.”

Outliers Consulting Solutions is growing fast and plans to go to new places and get more clients next year. Shilan also aims to promote managers to entrepreneurs and explore new markets, while continuing to empower others and expand their reach.

Join Shilan Parham and Outliers Consulting Solutions on a journey of growth and success! Whether you’re a big business looking to acquire and retain quality customers or an individual seeking a supportive and empowering work environment, look no further. 

Outliers Consulting Solutions specializes in strategic sales and marketing solutions that exceed expectations. Contact them today to explore how they can empower your business and team to reach new heights!