Wisconsin goes from summer to winter in just one day as temperatures swing by more than 30C

In just 24 hours, Wisconsin saw temperatures swing by more than 30C, ending a balmy Tuesday with near-deep freeze conditions.

Cities across the Badger State had a sudden dip in temperatures overnight, possibly setting a record in one city according to a National Weather Service (NWS) review of historic temperature data.

Aidan Kuroski, a meteorologist with the NWS Milwaukee branch, said “it’s just crazy” and found that Wisconsin’s capital Madison had tied its temperature record from 1911.

Tuesday in the city saw sunny skies and the thermometer at 21.1C (70F), while Wednesday morning had icy conditions and -11.7C temperatures (11F).

The NWS said that the swing of 32.8C – or 59F – within 24 hours tied Madison’s 113-year-old record, and the city’s Tuesday highs broke previous records for the same date, for all of February and for any winter month date.

Kuroski also said that Milwaukee recorded a high of 23.3C (74F) on Tuesday and a low of -8.9C (16F) on Wednesday morning – a 32.2C (58F) change. Parts of the city also reported snowfall overnight.

Meteorologists think the swing in temperatures over 24 hours may have broken or come close to previous record-setting events for Milwaukee in 1911 and 1934.