Yacht that Princess Diana spent last summer on with Dodi Al-Fayed sinks to bottom of Mediterranean

A motor yacht used by Princess Diana and her boyfriend Dodi Al-Fayed on their final summer holiday in the South of France before they died in a Paris car crash has sunk.

The 19m (62ft) Cujo went down 21 miles (35 km) off Beaulieu-sur-Mer after sending out a mayday call last Saturday.

The seven people on board the luxury vessel, which was taking on water, were rescued by teams from Antibes before it sank to the bottom of the Mediterranean at a depth of 2500m (8200 ft).

They were safely returned to shore.

The area was monitored for pollution as the boat sank with 7,000 liters of diesel in its tanks.

Cujo made front page news around the world back in the summer of 1997 when Al-Fayed entertained Diana onboard, a year after her divorce from Prince Charles, which was finalized in August 1996.

That summer, Diana was also photographed on Sokar, the yacht then owned by al Fayed’s billionaire father Mohamed.