From Dr. to International Speaker and Author: Lina Shares Her Passion for Anti-aging Medicine and its Global Impact

Lina Peña is an impressive professional in anti-aging and cosmetic medicine. She has worked up to her most recent accomplishment: writing a book that combined her scientific expertise with her practical experience in aesthetic medicine.

Initially, Lina Peña ventured into the scientific field, achieving her first university degree in medicine at the Universidad Javeriana in 2004.

At the age of 23, during her last semester of medicine, Lina overcame thyroid cancer, after which she started to think about how valuable health is compared to professional success and changed her lifestyle.

“This made me think about how much it was worth sacrificing my health to get a good result in my professional life. For that reason, I chose my specialty,” Lina explains.

After the recovery, Lina opted for aesthetic and anti-aging medicine. She began a postgraduate degree in the Aesthetic and Anti-aging Clinic in Buenos Aires. Later, in 2011, she started a Master’s Degree in Aging Medicine and Cosmetic Medicine at the Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona.

With a strong foundation, Lina did specialization courses in alternative therapies and plant pharmacology to deepen her focus on anti-aging. She became the principal teacher of Colombia’s first Diploma in Anti-aging Medicine.

During these years, Lina kept herself updated on new technologies and techniques, completing more diplomas at prestigious universities such as Harvard and the Universidad Nacional of Colombia.

Today, Lina Peña runs an aesthetic and anti-aging medicine clinic in Bogotá, Colombia, distinguished by its high-quality standards. Her clinic uses noninvasive treatments, advanced medical technology for diagnoses, and FDA-approved lasers, radiofrequency, ultrasound, infrared, and high-tech facial equipment such as Hydrafacial and Geneo.

As if all this were not enough, Lina has produced her book ‘Tras la eterna Juventud,’ which was presented at the Book Fair of Bogotá this year. 

“In my book, I talk about the five basic pillars of Anti-aging: nutrition, exercise, sleep, hormonal balance, and mental health,” Lina explains.

Lina combined scientific knowledge with her practical experience and achieved a work that is enjoyable, easy to read, and full of helpful advice for the general public. 

The aim is to become a best seller and open new opportunities worldwide. “With my book, I seek to impact the lives of others because by consulting, I am limited in the number of patients, but with the book, I can reach everyone,” Lina emphasizes. 

Thanks to her experience in anti-aging medicine and recognition with this new book launch, Lina has been invited as a speaker for prestigious laboratories, a teacher, and a lecturer. She has made content on platforms such as Instagram and YouTube, managing to form a community interested in wellness and becoming a reference on the matter.

In addition, Lina considers it essential to maintain balance in all areas of her life: wellness, family, and personal growth. For this reason, Lina also participates in two foundations for special children and children with cancer and gives free treatments to those who cannot afford them.

Lina demonstrates that wellness is her biggest passion, besides being her profession, and she plans to influence as many people as possible with her efforts. 

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